Adhd? 3 Fidget Spinner Vs 2 5 Minute aid, the holy that, more than they had a face Oh Xu Shuang Wan still do not understand. But the second day she understood, and now the holy is really like a surprise, he gave the Hou government under the mouth to send something, and sent a few Tam rice, said his wife to help him entertain him for his anxious minister of hardship And let her help him with a good, back to the accident, the people carried to him on the line, he looked for the doctor to help her see, looking to help her buried. This day on the North Korea, Tong Ge old words were almost vomiting hematemesis, the new holy is also not to ask him your old lady are regardless of face, seek death to find the heart of my marriage, I control her funeral, or I am rude How can the country after a day Xiao Jun is not really know how to think of these courtiers, you do not even talk a.isit, the latest, fastest, most fire serial works in Mobile phone users please read. Chapter 18 Dad drink wine, I come to buy Xu Changran went next to the green, put her up the body, flat on the water, said I am ready, I let go Oh. Green nodded. Let go, green immediately upstream, two legs kept fetching water, the frequency is a bit high, this will be more tired. Plan arm is not too standardized, basically a half arc into the water. But she did move forward, because the water is too high, the feet of the water is also very large, like a small submarine, look very cute. Xu Changran has been followed in the back. Surprisingly, in Xu Changran that young will be tired, the green is still moving forward. At least swim more than 30 meters, green was stopped, Xu ran up to hold her, the floating board handed her. You just did not come, the green basically on the whole journey. Rong rushed over that expression is also very excited. The whole is 50 meters, if not personally see, Xu Changran will not believe. In the past, he should be fierce praise of the green, but now, he could not speak. To this point, the green does not need to praise. There are their mothers must have th.

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an go to the newsstand on the street to buy novels monthly , harvest like the literature magazine to see, keep reading habits. Well, I ll buy it. Xiao Yuan to the book remember the name of the magazine. In the bookshelf turned for a while, Xiao Yuan suddenly said Just the teacher looked good and comfortable, smooth, you are not like her type of ah Xu Wanran replied blankly You said she did, that man does not like Oh, I want her as a woman, just fine. Smooth, is not to be beautiful, but also read a lot of books, to become such a woman ah Xiaoyuan said. No, reading is just a means, not a purpose, if the 3 fidget spinner vs 2 direction of reading 3 fidget spinner vs 2 is wrong, may make people become more selfish, more utilitarian.People really important quality is good, or good to insist, because this society It is very difficult to keep a good woman to be good, and some women can do this, it is very valuable.One point, and the community to maintain a certain distance, because this society is a sauce tank, it is easy to pollute people, so and society Entangled deep woman I do not like, though also for life you know why I am willing to 3 fidget spinner vs 2 help you this little busy Xu said. Why Xiaoyuan shining eyes asked. Because.s in the distance to the mountains, and the valley echoes bursts of roar. At noon, a pedestrian down the mountain, came to the entrance of the town, catch the bus to the former mountain, and then take the bus rushed to Rongcheng. Arrived at Rongcheng is already three o clock in the afternoon, then go to the train station, may catch the train to five o clock to Yunzhou, but the time will be very nervous. Xu Changran arranged for another program, so that we will not be too hasty. At night we eat hot pot, is recommended by the Purple hot pot, she also came together to eat, after eating everyone in the Pu Li s leadership in the 3 fidget spinner vs 2 river for a period 3 fidget spinner vs 2 of time to enjoy the city of Rongcheng 3 fidget spinner vs 2 night, and finally back to Pu Li s Stay here, spend the night here, tomorrow morning to the 3 fidget spinner vs 2 train station to drive 9 00 car. Pu Li alone to live in a house, is her mother s room, housing reform has been the property to get the hand. Area is not large, two rooms and one hall. Pu Li and Yin Hongyun live in the bedroom, the river away and where to live on the living room sofa, the sofa back down after the turn into a bed. Xu Wan Ran and Yin Feiyang sleep in 3 fidget spinner vs 2 the second lying, where the the test, one called Xuan Bao Feng, one called Xuan Luqiao, the former is the words that the latter is constantly said that the public Xuanhai at that time how prominent the one. In front of that, is the son of Xuanhua Road, the son of Xuan Yun, behind that, it is Xuan 3 fidget spinner vs 2 Hong Road cousin s son. Behind that, but also before the ceremony in the Houli left that. When they left the capital, are considered to be unfriendly grandfather, and uncle was unable to extricate the capital, the people of the Xuan Hong Road, this is appointed to Dehou have spit, and later is to declare the patriarch under the ban on the ban, not allowed And then mention this person, these have been recorded in the family of children or his impression. After many years to come to Beijing, they are also secretly over the years to take them to leave the other Li family of the.

id eat, no one came. So we have to eat up. Some people took a look at the shoulders of Xu Changran, looked back, is the son of aunt Zhao Honglin, who has been handed over to the money and greeted him. Smile, how are you here, go, drink wine in the past. Zhao Honglin 3 fidget spinner vs 2 said, 3 fidget spinner vs 2 his hand still holding a glass 3 fidget spinner vs 2 of wine. Today s wine is good, Jiucheng old cellar special song, one of the first eight wines, than the average person s feast 3 fidget spinner vs 2 grade to high, Yunzhou people with Yunzhou Daqu majority, he was significantly higher grade, but this wine a little spicy, Drink used to Yunzhou Daqu people feel spicy point. 3 fidget spinner vs 2 Well, do not drink today. Like the wedding this messy scene, Xu Yun ran no mood to drink, the goods do not taste to taste. Zhao Honglin simply sitting next to a seat, usually or drink it Smooth. No how to drink, New Year s Day that party, uncle let me drink, he took the bottle Jiannan Chen. Xu said That is good wine, this is better than 3 fidget spinner vs 2 today. Zhao Honglin said, picked up a pair of chopsticks folder a dish, to the mouth of a delivery, and then took a glass of drinking, 3 fidget spinner vs 2 Well, today I sat here, and You talk, the first two meals did 3 fidget spinner vs 2 not come, the unit more than dinner. is estimated that Xu Daguo want a cell phone. Mom, you take a cell phone thing. Xu Changran said earnestly. I do not, do not need, the phone bill is so expensive. Xie Xinfang a deflated mouth, take it to sell. Such as 3 fidget spinner vs 2 this sentence is, This certainly can not sell, those hawkers up to a hundred blocks, I do not work these days do not white Xu Changran looked very wronged. Well, stay Well, sold not worth. Xu Daguo said in the side. Dad, you use this one. Xu Daluo immediately handed the blue cell phone Xu Daguo. This is also a good calculation, Xu Changran to black mobile phone, Xu Daguo only with a blue cell phone. Ah, give me a ah, that Xu Daguo did not expect this situation, did not take the 3 fidget spinner vs 2 phone. But the situation is obvious, two mobile phones, since Xie Xinfang gave up, then he Xu Daguo ran away. You go to work across the river, need. Xu Chang ran the phone into his hand. Oh, that line Well, expensive expensive expensive Xu Daangu asked. As long as you do not play out, there is no penny. In order to confidence in Xu Daguan, Xu said that. Only answer, do not call, a penny no Xu Daguo asked. Xu Changran nodded firmly. Xu Daguo s cell phone has 100 yuan.tate to praise, this is seven or eight of the color, Also came by them very much. But before she was only seven or eight points, this car, she is worth 3 fidget spinner vs 2 the best age of life, by the personnel and the mother, this time exposed at this time is also very ten, Rao is Mrs. Huo wok finished her Also read and see. This woman is said that the country is not too fragrant. Guide Hou Hou actually married such a woman, Mrs. Huo heart is also sigh. This face, this posture, actually did not enter the palace, I do not know how to think of the family. Mrs. Huo this boast, next to Xu Shuangwan see the first of those ladies eyes will look to her. Xu Shuangwan modest smile, you praise, concubine actually dare not return. She was from the small cracks in the pity love, see the face I do not know the geometry, but also because too much to see, although some people.