Fidget Spinner Blue In Store ood, walked for a while, almost to the end, and heard someone shouting smooth, smooth. Xu Chang ran to look in front, did not see who, the man still shouting, and then a look, the original diagonally opposite, old Ke sitting next to a table, is vigorously shouting him. Xu Chang ran, the store called Li Po face. Old Ke sitting on a street next to the table, there are 5,6 customers, Xu Changran sitting on the seat opposite the old Ke. Looked at the price list on the wall, the ribs surface is 4 yuan a bowl, twenty two, cheaper than the price of the city center one yuan, the top of the shop marked the sign, fidget spinner blue Li Po spicy chicken face, 5 yuan a bowl, Look, immediately came to the mood, is ready to call a fidget spinner blue large bowl of spicy chicken dough, that is, thirty one, 7 dollars, today to a real treat. At this time the waiter side of a bowl of side, on the front of the old school, but also with a sentence your miscellaneous sauce surface. Xu Changran one, about to call out the words immediately swallowed. I have two pairs of noodles. Xu Chang ran on the waiter said. You often come here to eat it Xu Changran asked the old Ke. Well, there are fewer people here, this store taste goodbut also borrowed from the library. The old Ke, see the book all right, the last that is what, right, great Gatsby , are the classic American literature ah. The old school of this reading choice Xu Changran still quite appreciate the American literature since the 19th century has been developed since the vigorous vitality has been maintained, do not look old Ke is always a lazy look, maybe inside also simmering a strength The Xu Changran knew fidget spinner blue that Moby Dick in the status of American literature, has been awe on the book, but he did not read the book, just read fidget spinner blue the film according to this book adaptation, of course, the old Ke they have no chance to see To this movie, they only have a few hundred thousand words of the big head to see. Xu Changran through the Moby Dick the film learned that the American society was on the whale oil dependence, whale oil at the time is equivalent to the status of modern society in the oil, so the Americans will organize a lot of manpower and ships to the depths of the ocean Whale, if there is no oil instead of whale oil, what is today s society like If the United States to the social division stage, can be divided into whale oil era an.

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ah Xu Changran asked. Want to go to the north ah, my mother said in the Rongcheng study on the line, what is convenient, go home is also fast. Where should finish, naughty to write about the mouth. Xu Changran think this idea is quite reasonable, since the Yanjing as a long time to live, it is better to study in Rongcheng, Rongcheng work in the future, such an arrangement, read fidget spinner blue a few years in Yanjing no need, say, girls Well, this arrangement is also good. He Fang Yi, you seem to grow taller. Xu Chang ran looked and said. Yes, it is now 160 centimeters. What should be said with a smile So powerful ah, what you used to tricks Xu Changran asked fidget spinner blue with a smile. Go swimming, he said, it s my dad s analysis. Then you do not look like this Xu Changran asked with a smile. I gifted talent, skeleton Qingqi, so after the hair system, not surprising. He should be said with a smile, a few people listened, laugh together. Finally to the top of the hill, full of people everywhere, bustling. There is a temple on the top of the hill, this time incense to destroy, smoke billowing, which is the first time Yunan people Denganzhai an important reason. Over the past few years, the first.ort, human society and outer space all the calls he received, he will maintain this open mind , But there is a place where he does not want to receive calls, that is parallel world Old Ke is also more interesting, did not ask Xu Changran how to buy mobile phone money is, in fact, this inquiry can be inadvertently asked out, such as your parents give fidget spinner blue you money to buy a mobile phone , If Xu Changran shook his head negative, And then the way to emerge a that you how to buy money to buy the phone Most people are so to inquire into others, but the old Ke did not ask, Xu Changran told him that he wanted to do, he nodded promised, what Do not ask. Of course, the old Ke in the school gate several times to help Xu Changran get the letter, know Xu Changran money from where to come. Xu Chang ran out, decided to modern American seven novelist this book to the old Ke, although he also liked the book, but had to buy this book is to send the idea of old Ke bought, And later by their own detained , and now decided to return to the original. Although do not know whether the old Ke is interested in such books. Old Ke took the book, turned for a while, said This book I have seen in t.o go further, more determined. Vision is perhaps just looking forward, but the fact is, she lived a relatively lonely life, in the imagination and reality separated fidget spinner blue by a what kind of gap Now she used a way in the world to cross the past in extreme ways. Xu Changran took his fidget spinner blue hand from his trousers pocket, chest still ups and downs, he knew he would not make wretched behavior. He clenched his fist, secretly determined, let the woman next to a complete release, let her cry and fidget spinner blue shen yin. The last song is the Western song, hear the second half, Xu Changran understand why the end of the Western style, because there are dazzle section, fast playing, people always heart in the cusp on the cusp, this is the concert Gao chao to purely technical means to let the early siltation of the mood to be released. Up to a few minutes of Hyun technology playing people feel breathless, and then into the end stage, the last note Karma just stop, Mr. Lin bent down, made a chic bow gesture, the audience sounded warm applause. The audience gradually out of the concert hall, we all look excited, thirty two two fidget spinner blue talk about, Xu Chang suddenly feel cheeks fidget spinner blue some fever, today heard too much, and r.

and finally asked. You said. Why do not you go for a person you like and love you, do not you think love is beautiful Xiaoyuan tilted his head and asked. You are talking about the beginning of the story, fidget spinner blue not the story of the process and the end of your argument, is Qiu Shengguo to say to you, or you see readers come Xu Changran asked. Xiao Yuan said, then bowed his head, I like to see readers , you will not say that I naive, right No, you love to see it, I also encourage you to see, go to the library to see the previous readers until one day you do not want to read, so that this time can be shortened. Xu said. What is the meaning of the process and the end of your story Love is not good Xiaoyuan asked. Yes, I can only answer this, but if I know the results, it is not necessarily the beginning of this, you said these are from the books and magazines, such as readers , they collected a lot Material, polished into a beautiful love story, so you read, and then you feel the beauty of love, in fact, just the story of the beautiful love story is really good, but if you come to take the reality, that is another matter Xu Changran said. A little complicated, but you say tha.ere was only one of the most secure ways to deal with this thing, that is, to leave Houfu temporarily, or to leave Houfu to avoid but there is one fidget spinner blue is as they wish See her do not know whether the sick mother. Xu Shuang Wan which side did not choose, but called the Jiang aunt aunt. Jiang Dad into the Hou Fu, do not know where the Xu is not what the news, the day did not come to Qin, she did not come, Jiang did not go to the ladies, who lived in Xu. Her grandmother came again, Xuan Jiang is worried and happy, worried about what they will make what the sister does not like things, happy that someone was with her, you can talk with her. Now daughter in law more, but also with grandchildren, grandchildren now big trouble, daughter in law to avoid disturbing her quiet, not like the past with Wang Kang to guard her, At home, no one to accompany the Xu.ok his head, you this way of thinking is utilitarian, is useful to useless, in fact, where the piano is very simple, that is, a release, you can not release her good, a little bit hard It s not going to get any benefit from this. Ha ha ha, you fidget spinner blue do not seriously Well, I say you listen to on the line. Wang Xiaodan laughed waist. See buried smile Wang Xiaodan, Xu Chang ran, familiar with Wang Xiaodan back again. Chapter 331 Attends the fidget spinner blue screening The next day, freshmen began to enroll, from the auditorium to the south gate of a table, banners fluttering, bustling. Zhang Mingjue looking for Xu Changran together to the Department of the reception to see, Xu Chang ran no interest. Smooth, to see chanting, this new students may have beautiful girls Oh. After the end of modern literature, Xu Chang ran to the bedroom, Zhang Mingjue chase up and said. How and how, you want to eat beef grass Xu Changran said with a smile. Xu Changran on the Department of this class of girls have so preconceived, that the young people of literary and artistic taste, he does not like this feeling, such as a girl, is a love fans, to the bedroom to a few times, every time to mention To the estuary.