Original Fidget Spinner King Led Light people in the hands of the handle and scandal, some people still looking at the wall in front of the grass, he is not a good time Desperate bad people, can only slowly, but now he under the cruel, Xu Shuang Wan also know that her husband is bent to pull the poison sting. You are not good, do not speak Li Qing, Tao Yi children do not believe, she looked at Xu Shuangwan vigilant, you will help us Will, he promised will. Xu Shuang Wan toward them smile, see them still do not believe, she first came with people left. They do not believe that she does not blame. The darkness of the walk away, suddenly see bright, people are squinting, do not believe what you see before. As she did not believe before, she can come to this step now. This house Tao Jing in the hall is already furious, unbearable. What is this feast Wine did not say, also said that tea.peak, light step small step, followed in the crowd behind, there is no quick to avoid Tao Yi children. You do not coax those dead old woman, to coax her Tao Yi children carried forward carrying his chin, mouth ridicule almost conceal, You have also seen the propaganda, what you have One is living in the sky of the Dan bird Phoenix, one is living in the ditch ditch in the duck, you actually dare to come to the people now, Li Qing, fidget spinner king I think you are more than a year do not Face up. Last time you said I did not face it. You still die Tao Yi children sneer up. Li Qing then a little smile on the face, I do not matter to death, but Lennon children fidget spinner king to live. This car Tao Yi children s chin up lift, eyelids also fell down, no one can see her eyes suddenly flushed red silk. Lennon children is a child to take care of her part of the sister s daughter, Tao.

fidget spinner king

e factory is either home, have a plane, with what cell phone Well. Xie Xinfang heard a while, could not help but speak The Mom, you say this, with the phone is sooner or later, and then a while you also buy a cell phone. I do not buy.I have that money, fidget spinner king it is better to run a few times to the vegetable market, buy some delicious. fidget spinner king Xie Xinfang still resolute attitude. For a while, dumplings wrapped dozens of, Xie Xinfang worthy of teaching mathematics, dumplings are very neat shape. Xu ran fidget spinner king ran to the table, counting the dumplings, mother, to wrap a lot of dumplings The three of us are at least 90. You are now growing up and your appetite. Eat enough.60 is enough. Xu Daguo said his mouth. Well, 60, Xu Daguo, you do not do things chaos, and soon a person will eat 30. Xie Xinfang snapped Road. I do not do anything, boiled dumplings is my thing. Xu Daguo disapproval. You dumplings boiled well, every time boiled. Xie Xinfang said. I ll cook dumplings. Xu said To get, smooth, you go to the garlic peeled. Xie Xinfang said. Welcome to the majority of book friends to visit, the latest, fastest, most fire serial works in Mobile phone users please read. Chapter 82 New Y.uang Wan laughed and sent him back to the kang, Wang Kang took his waves to her hands Mother, play, fun. See his mother does not move, he picked up fidget spinner king the drums to play up, but also Du Zhuozui chirp chirp up, eyebrows to coax his mother to play. Xun Lin in the side of the end of laughter, holding him to the kang angle drag, with the small play, mother to do things. Xu Shuang Wan came back to see them, Jiangiang them are still waiting for the outside to go with her to say something, this compartment she did not immediately go out, but on the warm kang, Wang Kang hold in his arms, with Xun Lin said Sister in law to accompany you will sit, talk with sister in law, you today with a small nephew for even Xun Lin quickly climb to kang angle, I am now silent three times the Chinese language, Xun Lin with me read a good book, can be good, my sister, I gi.account once. fidget spinner king Xu Changran rest for a while, but also cheer up, full collision, and Rong reached the peak together. The whole process is smooth, perfect, as if there is a give your woman to the peak secrets, and Xu Chang is the only reader, and hard work, won the essence of which. After the end, Xu fidget spinner king fidget spinner king Changran slightly panting, lying on the bed, fidget spinner king my mind echoed a word, Rong in the peak state, in the fidget spinner king case of almost unconscious, said a sentence Smile, or hello. Rong went to the bathroom to take a bath, back to bed, Xu Chang ran sideways, asked What is the meaning of that sentence, smooth, or hello, remember Are you, I said Rong pretending not know the shape. Well, what did that mean I do not remember anything, he said. Xu Changran serious up, Well, how is it, I am a little interested. Rong turned fidget spinner king his body, still did not get rid of Xu Changran s claws , Xu Changran simply stretched out the other hand, so that she could not move. Perhaps being pinned to Tianjin, Rong finally frankly, smooth, there is something, I do not know the should not say to you. Well, must. Xu Changran s body posted more tight. I do not think that is good. Rong and a little go back. Well, this time.

in the bedroom bed nap, heard the bedroom of another student Wang Xilin and Jiang Ren book talk about the Department of Chinese juvenile writers. Jiang Ren book said, Yanjing University in the mid 80s to do this, then admitted a few teenage girl writers, in the community quite famous, once a fidget spinner king fidget spinner king school leader also came to the bedroom to visit these girls writer, the results only to see One, the other not in the bedroom. This is a few girl writers, and later all obliterate the crowd. Jiang said the book. Well, so many years, but also recruit a lot, it seems not a climate. Wang Xilin laments. Xu Changran then woke up, heard their conversation, feeling cheek fever, so there are mosquitoes covered, the two people do not know he has heard. The reason is very complex, is not the book read more, they can not write Wang Xilin said. The school simply should not go this way, these years have proved to be a failure. Jiang Ren book said, it seems that he really look down on these young writers. He wrote something you see no Wang Xilin sound suddenly smaller, Xu Yunran estimated that he used his finger a bit of his bed. Jiang Yan book said, the tone of a trace of disdain, but he ha.t do you mean, I take it, and replace it Replace him with his brother Xuan Zhong An looked at him strangely, I said, did you ever think about this before you came to me King of silence. Xuan Zhongan this peanut can not eat, and push the plate puzzled to ask the king, you in the end fidget spinner king is what to let me help you Because you think I was you I was difficult when you help The so called friends who you want me to die King and moved the mouth. You do not say that the head of a shot came to me, right Xuan Zhongan frowned, drank over the Style Wang took a deep breath, fidget spinner king do not over the head. I thought you were going to fight for a fight, let me help you. Xuan Zhong An pull the mouth, holding the table stood up, up, type princes, I send you back. He is not wrong people, the king of a lifetime, it can only be a conversation when the. The king did not get up.f another one. Lin eight laughs raised his hands covered his face, his eyes looked up from the fingers looked Zhongan sister in law, urn sound urn gas authentic I like this, Xu Ge home also see Xu Shuang Wan see him did not understand, simply said Xu girl fidget spinner king also cross you, and so you look at her. Lin eight laughing eyes stare, put down and said What time It s like Xu s old look at her with her. Where Xu Shuang Wan shook his head with a smile, I do not know. Lin eight laugh and hide his face, sighed I do not want to go out with my colleagues to drink outside the time to fidget spinner king see. Ok Lin eight laugh stood up, his feet raised his face just sitting in the chair, and line up the sleeves, holding the cup up his breath to the tea to drink, and suddenly buckle the cup to the table, stretched out his hand Singing up Po a pair, wholeheartedly, brother two good.