The Ultimate Fidget Finger Spinner Wood Official Store even can not leave Yunzhou City is a problem. Is also. Old Ke head two points. There may no longer be writers like modern literature, they and the Nobel Prize for Literature have become a souvenir. The writer s aura is not, no longer the soul and the ideological lighthouse, is to write a living, In fact, in Europe and the United States, most people look at the type of novel, that is, to see the story, write the finger spinner wood story is not necessarily low grade, you can put a lot of pure literary writing techniques used in the United States and the United States, , Write a higher grade of the story. Old Ke did not speak, put the bowl to drink soup. Xu Chang Ran looked back, a waitress is carrying a bowl of noodles to a patron. He said After the writer is equal to the waiter, the guests point something, he wrote what the guests do not come, he will finger spinner wood be hungry. Is not it a bit miserable but no way, the market is the same. The only habitat of traditional writers is famous universities Of the liberal arts school, where he can also maintain the dignity and status of literature, but how many people can squeeze in it, the rest had to roll in the market. Do not know why, Xu Changran said finger spinner wood heart count, that is because of this, his heart can not tell the uncomfortable. He did not want his parents to come to nothing, had thought to wait until the brother in law assured him, the mother received his house to live things, but the parents to this age or whether their brothers, live better than their brothers I do finger spinner wood not know the geometry, then his heart between the grief and I do not know who to speak with it. Father here is still finger spinner wood Hou government, he can not see, but he did not want to go there. When he was servant servant in the house waiting to grow up, and now the mother of a servant son on the side asleep like Jane treasure, which put her children and grandchildren where Xun Lin resentment, he had heard Xuan Tang heard his father a bunch of siblings intended to complain and blame, this box he concealed sad in the pine and cypress L.

finger spinner wood

out of the elixir, we forced to, I put Jiang Sheng Zhu Sheng are robbed to swallow it down, that Dan medicine into the stomach in the moment, the next official feeling can be said to be the next official in this life the most wonderful moment He lifted the blood red eyes, shaking the body and Xuan Zhong An said But I was heartbeat at this time, heart be He kept his chest, his eyes rolled up, foaming at the mouth, adults, I am afraid is to finger spinner wood die. Then he fainted, the presence of everyone screams, rush to hold him, Cao adults Especially by his taste of the two peers of elixir is anxious to grab him with anxious. Come Come, son, Mo anxious, this is the small doctor to bring over. Fortunately, their long son wise, but also prepared the doctor too. Amo came with not only the imperial doctor, there are quietly disguised, followed by t.Bao Lu Lengran, after a moment of cold You give me a kneeling life. Xuan Zhong An kneeling did not play, to maintain a kneeling and Bao Luo talk I was by your sister in law to go, do not go with her, I finger spinner wood can not live for two years. Yao Wang said I live, but the year of you Sister in law do not believe this evil, rack your mind to take care of me I was safe to live down, you do not know the early years I am sick look is ugly, your wife saw me eat too much bitter, distressed panic, obviously Your own tired or will play the spirit for me all the whole, you said her heart disease can still be premature for whom She should not have the same life with me, but she single handedly bear the past, let the past I do not feel bad for her. It is because of this, she is full of you, you should not waste her mind, it should be good for her to live Bao Luo the history of China has always been the lifeblood of the country, over and over again for it, the previous burst is the field, this time the explosion is the house. After the outbreak of energy amazing, you caught this wave, you can Popular drink spicy, caught, you have to work to the real estate business. Xu Changran said. Could you go to Yanjing to buy a house Yin Feiyang asked. Xu Changran nodded, I did not go to Yanjing to buy a house, I went to Yanjing finger spinner wood study, the way to buy a house. Yanjing s house, what s the price next year Can you afford it Now Yanjing s house is not high, the third ring is also a good point of 8,9 thousand a square, next year will not rise much. Xu Changran said. Summer he went to Yanjing in the street to buy a boutique purchase guide magazine, carefully read the next house price, not over ten thousand. God, 8,9 thousand a square, this house live up do not know what the feeling, crazy ah. Of course not bought, 10 years after the house can sell 5,6 million square, its value is here. Smile, how do I think you are a bit crazy Yin Feiyang said. It s not that I am crazy, it s history of madness. People who finger spinner wood are in history are more rational.

as ribs, miscellaneous Sauce, finger spinner wood broth, the same to the rice noodle Riga on the line, and now many noodles are so dry. His mother is running rice noodles, he himself is more busy than usual. Xu Changran to the old Ke to add the QQ, said something small to let him help. Chapter 309 Talking about modernity As long as there is a chance, Xu Changran as far as possible in the morning next single soybean meal futures. 9 00 is, futures opened, the number jump up and down, exciting, the first 10 minutes must remain calm, do not order. People are easy to be created by the illusion of their own, to make stupid things. For example, a few minutes ago to see a clear trend, such as rising or falling, I thought to seize a big opportunity, for fear of missing, and quickly ordered, a few minutes a look, fart, fooled, and quickly stop it. Starting at the impulse, at the loss, how many people is so disappear from the market. So, finger spinner wood Xu Changran simply start at 9 10 to see the market, analyze the situation in front of 10 minutes to determine today is up or down, after the finger spinner wood judge is either up or down are not affected, in accordance with the established policy orders, to the closing before deal with this novel, card point is very clever, always in the story of the transition when the end of today s serial, the atmosphere suddenly changed, or hinted that new events to happen, but sorry, today has been closed , For future generations, tomorrow please early Serial for a week, the effect has been out, every day readers call to the Department of the Department, said the serial number is too small to see no fun, hoping to increase the number of serial numbers, which, deputy director of finger spinner wood the Department is just laugh without words. There are some readers to call, ask the novel serial number is related to the millennium bug, Yanjing Times choose this time serialized this novel, whether it indicates that more than a month later into the 21st century, the world will happen big events In this regard, the deputy director of the Department of dumbfounding, nothing to say. In short, the reader s response shows that the director of the supplements is correct, and the readers of the minds of the millennium bug have been very enthusiastic about the science fiction at the time of the millennium. According to the statistics of the newspaper group, the readers of many bending around , Seemingly boring factory life, because these things, finger spinner wood become live and fragrant, see very fun. Xiao Qiang s income has increased further, has more than he got the wages in the factory, he was proud of this place, as a virgin, can write that content to the reader excited, but also count the ability of it but He is also not practical, although the Internet has been called him master , in fact, a virgin, alas As the first half of the idea is more mature, write up quickly from 7 30 pm to write a little bit of the morning, Xu Changran to create a record, in the past he always left room for writing, a writing time will not be too long In order to let the story slowly fermented in the stomach, of course, in addition to the early idea is more mature, there is a reason that is particularly relaxed during the winter vacation, the next day can sleep late. For many college students, the first winter vacation is the most comfortable, do not consider the boredom of employment, the parents are still admitted to the university proud of the children, but also that children do not eat well in school, winter vacation as much as possible to make these two fill.